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Autism Centers

In our quest to reach more and more students by reaching more schools in need, we ended up reaching a school with kids having special needs. When we talked to the teacher (cum doctor) there, he informed us that it is a center for kids with autism. He described in detail how the brain of these kids work and why it is difficult to teach them by regular means. We were exposed to several amazing facts and what differentiates these kids from normal ones. We saw the custom teaching methodologies that make extensive use of the condition based techniques to create breakthrough results with these kids. Effectively, these kids need more objective teaching approach and any kind of subjectivity confuses them to the core. He informed that we should always be as discreet as possible in any information sharing with these kids because any ambiguity could be detrimental. We discovered that kids with Autism have huge difficulty in reading and communication but are fairly good with visuals. Images appeal to them quite deeply and have found to be the best teaching medium for all subjects. We understood that our existing interactive learning software, Kiddo, would not suit for the special needs of these children. After the interaction with the doctor and children we knew what we need to do in order to help these children.

The GetVidya team spent significant amount of energy and time to brainstorm on how to make the software useful to these kids with Autism. With the help of our team members we modified the existing software and got it to a position where children with autism can use it for identical and non-identical mapping exercises. You don’t need to install the software as it directly runs on your web browser. Changing the questions or answers is fairly easy as the source is open code. We also provide a tutorial for the teachers to understand how to operate the software. We named this new software Autisto, dedicated to the kids with autism.

Unlike Kiddo, Autisto has zero-text and asks questions via images only; even the answers are all images! After clicking the answers the responses are given via images and a sound comes from the background to help understand the child whether the answer is right or wrong. Sounds & Images – nothing else :)

We have given our software to the following centers of autism and trained their teachers/doctors to create their custom made questions to suit the need of their children ....

Autism Centers


DCCA Hyderabad
Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism Bangalore
Spastics Society of Karnataka Bangalore
Asha Kiran - Special Needs School Bangalore
Apoorva Center - Society for the Autistics in India Bangalore
Tamana, School of Hope New Delhi
Umeed Chandigarh
ChidRaise Trust Mumbai
Forum For Autism Mumbai
SAI - Support For Autistic Individuals Mumbai
Khushi Pediatric Therapy Center Mumbai
Jagruti Palak Sansthan Mumbai
Shartul Gurukul Center for Special Children Mumbai
Sahyadri Speciality Hospital Pune
Child Guidance Center Pune
Bharaitiya Samaj Seva Kendra Pune
Prism Foundation Pune
Prasanna Autism Center Pune
Child Guidance Center Pune
Chicera Autism Center Kodagu
Amrita Kanpur
Asha for Education Kanpur

The gift from GetVidya team is making teaching simpler and more effective for the doctors. For the children it’s more fun and learning!

DCCA has honored GetVidya by calling us their Distinguished IT Partner.

We at GetVidya are extremely happy to see these special kids benefiting from our software Autisto. For us it has been a very good learning experience enriched with fun and satisfaction. We continue to support these autism centers and their children.

We continue to reach more autism centers to help and support them with our software Autisto. We continue to learn, continue to contribute and continue to thrive.

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